Common Problems

Zee Appnea  the App, is a screening tool for sleep apnea. It has been designed to provide a ubiquitous experience in the rather daunting process of evaluating whether or not a serious sleep disorder may be present.

In the process of keeping the App as simple as possible, but yet extremely useful as a screening tool, there are potential issues that can result in a less than optimal recording. The advantage is in most cases simply repeating the recording with some minor changes will resolve the issue.

Common problems that you may encounter when using the App

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  1. Cannot find  Zee Appnea on the Apple store or Google Play
  2. Microphone test is not showing at least 3 bars when breathing
  3. Recording stops on its own during the night with an IPhone
  4. Recording stops on its own during the night with an Android
  5. Unable to submit recording
Failed analysis issues

Email received stating that an analysis cannot be performed.

  1. Recording quality is poor
  2. Recording length is insufficient
  3. No recording received



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