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Zee Appnea can provide your Sleep Center  with a unique marketing tool.

In a study – Evaluation of Sleep Disorders in the Primary Care Setting ( JCSM Vol 7, No 1, 2011) it was clearly shown that screening for sleep apnea in the PCP setting was infrequent at best.  Reasons suggested where complex but included the following:  “.. may be related to the limited time allocated for evaluation in the outpatient clinical setting, lack of reimbursement, and high demand for their services with pressure to address the patients’ most immediate concerns.”  Sleep related symptoms are seldom the ‘chief complaint’ and are thus rarely addressed in the primary care setting.

App’s are becoming more commonplace in medical offices as effective adjuncts for  reinforcing medical advice in a cost effective and efficient manner.  The most common use of Apps in this setting is most likely in the weight managment area.  Excellent Apps are now available to aid the patient journal and document calories. By providing  a link to an App  to patients, the physician has performed an invaluable health service requiring limited time and only a brief explanation.  The same would be true if there was an App available that provides an effective screening tool for sleep apnea.  In an article titled”Does My Bed Partner Have OSA? There’s an App for That!”   in JCSM (10,1,2104), Sands et al,  comment on how smartphones one day will provide a ubiquitous method for  ‘widespread screening of OSA’  In  fact   there really is an App for that!

Zee Appnea provides an efficient method in the hands of a PCP to educate patients on the risks and benefits of treating sleep apnea. With limited explanation the PCP can provide the patient with a critical tool to self asses risk of sleep apnea. The educational impact of committing to performing the App assessment  alone has tremendous value. A recent article just published on  showed that 40% of Adults Who Suspect OSA Don’t Take Diagnostic Treatment Action.  Zee Appnea may provide that additional convincing required for the patient to commit to further evaluation. 

Zee Appnea as a screening tool, can direct more patients to a sleep center when effectively employed by the sleep centers referral base.

 Lock down Zee Appnea for  your Sleep Center  – as part of the initial roll out of this program, we will be offering exclusive rights to the App, based on geographic locale.   This exclusive arrangement will allow only a single Sleep Lab access to Zee Appnea in defined geographic areas.  For more information call 702.242.1562  and ask to speak to Wendi. 



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